Central Vacuum Accessories

Central Vacuum AccessoriesFloors Brushes

We have floor brushes designed for all hard floor types. Sizes range from 10-14”

Mop Heads **NEW**

This is the ideal brush for efficient and quick dusting of walls, ceilings, plinths, door frames or any other large surface. Its flexible fibers get suspended dust on hard wood floors and prevent scratches. These fibers are attached to a removable hook-and-loop fasteners strip so you can wash it in a washing machine. This mop head brush cleans and dusts thoroughly and quickly any vast or high surface.

Flex Crevice Tool

This 21” long flexible crevice tool gets into all the places a normal crevice tool cannot. Works Excellent for cleaning dryer vents, as well as in the car.

Central Vacuum Accessories

ExtenVac Tools

ExtenVac makes cleaning underneath heavy furniture and appliances easy!

Dust Tools

Round, Oval, Elongated…Many options to suit your cleaning needs.

Mini Turbine Tool

Tired of using a regular brush to clean your carpeted stairs and/or upholstery, this tool eliminated the back breaking effort from removing your hair and lint for your surfaces.

Central Vacuum Accessories


Lightweight and crushproof; air only, 24V on/off control or electric hoses, we have a hose that will suit your needs. Lengths from 30 to 35’

** 24V special order option up to 45’**

Garage Kits

A perfect addition to any central vacuum system! This keeps your good hose and tools inside the house and not out in the dirty garage! Kits come standard with 30’ hose, hanger and tools for the car.

Vac Socks

Available in 30 and 35 feet, quilted with a silky finish, available with or without a full length zipper. Vac Sock protects walls, floors, and furniture from scuffing and scratching. Silky finish repels hair and lint from sticking to the hose.

Central Vacuum Accessories

Muffler & HEPA Mufflers

Designed to fit any central vacuum, these help reduce the exhaust noise of the vacuum. HEPA mufflers are ideal for machines that are located inside the house as they filter as well as reduce the noise of a machine.