Vac Pans & Specialty Items

Vac Pans

Vac-Pan-BlackImagine a broom that never needs a dustpan and has the cleaning power of a central vacuum system. With our revolutionary new central vacuum outlet, any broom can have this power.

Available in White, Black, and Ivory

To activate your VacPan simply direct the foot switch to the on position, sweep dirt and debris toward the powerful suction of your VacPan (powered by your central vacuum), and you floor is clean – instantly!

When your sweeping is complete, just use your foot to turn off the VacPan suction power, automatically closing the valve.


Wally Flex

WallyClean efficiently with 1 hand, in 1 second!
The WallyFlex is an innovative auxiliary hose for central vacuum systems, an essential tool for the kitchen, the bathroom, the laundry room, and even the closet. It is practical, nice-looking, and easy to install onto any standard vacuum inlet.
Classy, and ridiculously affordable, the WallyFlex is always there when you need it!

  • Extends up to 4M
  • Quick and Practical
  • Easy to use & Install





drawervac_photo1Drawer Vac

DrawerVac™ is a new vacuum accessory that simplifies how homeowners and businesses clean their countertops of food waste, paper scraps and other unwanted debris. Mounted just beneath the countertop, users simply pull Drawer Vac’s tray forward, activating the vacuum, and then hand sweep debris into its powerful suction stream. When finished, the pan retracts and automatically turns off the vacuum. Drawer Vac is a high-value addition to any central vacuum system, bringing convenience to kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, hobby rooms, office desks and workshops.



vroomVroom is ideal to quickly clean narrow spaces and dry messes in your kitchen and bathroom. Vroom is neatly installed inside most standard cabinets, so it’s there when you need it, but tucked away out of sight when you don’t. No need to drag your large central vacuum hose for small messes. Its instant accessibility also makes it a great asset to your home for more thorough regular cleaning. The system turns on automatically when you grab the hose and release it from its base, and shuts off when you place the hose back into the docking station.

Hoses extends and retracts into its base for convenient storage. Its contoured end works as a built-in crevice tool. The adjustable wand, included in every Vroom System kit, is 19″ compressed and 30.5″expanded so you can vacuum without the strain of bending. The included convertible floor/carpet tool makes cleaning rugs and hard surfaces quick and easy.