At Vacworks we pride ourselves in carrying quality products, all of our professional equipment is of the highest European quality. Questions about our equipment? Our staff members are expertly trained on all of our equipment to help you with all your cleaning needs. 


Vapore Professional Ecological Vapor Cleaning Systems

The Professional steam cleaning machines Vapore are the only way for deep and efficient cleaning on vertical and horizontal surfaces like tile walls and windows, machinery, shelves, or tables and wherever it is necessary for food preparation, without leaving a chemical residue. Vapore machines are all equipped with a continuous steam refilling system, and are guaranteed to reach temperatures from 145°C to 185°C and 5.5 to 10 Bars of operating pressure, which will help clean areas that were previously impossible to degrease and clean.

Vapore Machines are all equipped with a wide range of professional accessories and are ideal for daily cleaning in hospitals, ice cream shops, kitchens, bakeries, and confectioners, grocery stores, in the food industry and on all stainless steel parts.


Tecnica Upright Vacuums

Italian made upright vacuums are perfect for professional cleaners, offices, hotels

Professional carpet beating device

Ergonomic design

Electronically protected belt brush drive Poly V

Multi-level filtering system: double-layer dust bag, engine protection double filter, external filter (Micro activated carbon)


Lava Automatic Floor Scrubbers

Our Automatic floor scrubbers are made in Italy with quality parts!

Lava Automatic Scrubbers are the perfect solution for small to medium sized floors, such as washrooms, kitchens, pool areas, and restaurants…etc.


Nilfisk Vacuum Cleaners

We are the world’s leading manufacturer of professional cleaning equipment

Nilfisk-Advance is dedicated to delivering professional cleaning equipment that meets and exceeds the expectations of our customers. This is based on our tradition for innovation and quality for almost a century. Our global presence enables us to support our customers with a comprehensive product range and high-quality services — worldwide.


Big Power

Italian made Big Power uses water filtration combined with an Ultra Violet Light ensures the reduction of germs and bacteria in the water reservoir. Big Power also acts as an air purifier, removing dust and allergens from the air, thanks to the revolutionary hydrodynamic system; they remain trapped in the water reservoir. Antibacterial scents may also be used in the reservoir.