Nilfisk Vacuums


Nilfisk is the world’s leading manufacturer of professional cleaning equipment. Nilfisk-Advance is dedicated to delivering professional cleaning equipment that meets and exceeds the expectations of our customers. This is based on our tradition for innovation and quality for almost a century. Our global presence enables us to support our customers with a comprehensive product range and high-quality service – worldwide.

Nilfisk has a wide variety of commercial vacuums available.

Comfort and Power

GD6--D10The Euroclean canister Back Vac™ is helping cleaning staffs everywhere become a little more comfortable with the idea of power.

Like the Euroclean Hip Vac™ before them, the Back Vac products take the concept of comfort very seriously. The Euroclean Weight Management System™ (WMS) Harness gently hugs the contours of the human form, regardless of the operator’s size or shape. Better fit results in better control, greater range of movement and better distribution of weight. When properly adjusted, the WMS Harness reduces operator fatigue and increases productivity. The harness also features a series of convenient storage loops perfect for keeping tool attachments within reach. Our exclusive “no tug” cord restraint clip reduces stress on the power cord, contributing to a longer operating life.

Although the Back Vac weighs in at less than 11 pounds, it’s far from a lightweight in the power department. With 144 CFMof airflow and 99 inches of static lift, the Back Vac packs a serious wallop. A strategically placed exhaust port directs exiting warm air up and away from the operator. And, in spite of all that power, the Euroclean Back Vac is as easy on the ears as it is on the back. Its category leading 62 dB A and lower-pitched voice enables operators to clean during business hours. Four levels of filtration keep floating particulates to an absolute minimum, and both units can be quickly and easily upgraded with H.E.P.A. filtration. And, Euroclean’s “Fold n Seal™” bag system keeps dirt and dust where they belong…in the bag.

  • CRI Green Label Approved
  • Large Tank Size
  • Easy-to-use latches keep cover secure
  • Weight Management System™ harness for better operator fit

Available in a 6L and 10L Models






EWD315-and-320Euroclean wet dry vacuums are intended to be used day in and day out in heavy duty commercial, industrial and floor maintenance applications.

The 20 gallon and 15 gallon machines have the same compact footprint to reduce storage space. Rubberized nonmarking wheel are quiet on hard floor surfaces and the large rear wheels make moving the machine up and down stairs a breeze. Both units have a rear drain hose for easy disposal of liquids.

  • Available in 15 and 20 gallon sizes
  • Compact footprint reduces storage space no matter the size of the machine
  • Rear drain hose for easy disposal of recovered solution
  • Optional cartridge filter and H.E.P.A. filters available

Available in 15L and 20L Models

Simple and Effective

GD-111Nilfisk GD 111 is a truly innovative commercial vacuum cleaner with an ergonomic design. Full consideration is given to the need for low operating costs and high productivity. Ideal for offices, hotel rooms and shops.

A patented noise reduction system makes cleaning quieter and reduces unpleasant high frequency sound waves. The Nilfisk GD 111 is 20% lighter than other vacuums in its class, has 20% greater suction power and 8 litre dust bag filling. It produces optimum suction power without sacrificing ergonomic considerations.

  • Noise reduction system allows for quiet cleaning at any time of the day
  • Optimal suction power
  • Its 4,7 kg, large rear wheels and rotating front wheels make it light and easy to manouvre
  • Robust chassis made of recyclable polypropylene and ABS
  • Motor pre filter protection against dust deposition on fan units


The vacuum cleaner chosen by millions

GD930-High-ResNilfisk GD 930/930 S2 is a world class dry vacuum cleaner for effective daily cleaning of large areas. GD 930 is the reliable, rugged and stable choice for demanding cleaning applications in hotels, schools, offices and hospitals.

The dust bag has a large capacity of 15 litres. The design optimises air flow patterns and reduces energy losses to an absolute minimum. The result is an exceptional suction power.

  • Heavy duty construction with steel container
  • 15 litre dust bag
  • The 2 speed system on GD 930 S2 brings the sound level down to 44 dB(A)
  • Multi layer filter
  • High cleaning performance


Dual Motor Upright Vacuums

More Productivity. Better Filtration. Better Value.

Spectrum-15D18DNilfisk’s 15 and 18 inch Spectrum dual-motor upright vacuums deliver the superior performance results expected from Nilfisk vacuums: dirt pickup and filtration. Upright vacuums rely on a combination of dirt pickup to remove soil from carpets and filtration to ensure that dust and other airborne particles stay captured. With the addition of a brush motor, the Spectrum dual-motor vacuum has a total of 1,350 watts of power. Operators now have single pass power in an upright vacuum, which results in greater productivity. According to independent testing by ISSA, dual motor vacuums generate 16% greater productivity than single motor vacuums of the same width. The unique design of the power head creates a seal with the carpet surface to agitate and capture dirt and dust that dual motor vacuums miss.

  • 50 ft safety yellow cord
  • Heavy duty cord restraint
  • Adjustable height handle
  • Convenient front handle for lifting
  • Certified H.E.P.A. filter
  • Easy release foot pedal turns the brush motor on or off when in the upright position
  • Easy to adjust brush height warning light alerts operator when the brush is too low
  • Tools-free removable brush
  • Non-marking wrap-around bumper

Spectrum units are also available in single motor units. 12”-15”