Always at the forefront of design and innovation, Cyclo Vac introduces their latest technology; the DataSync. Unique and exclusive, Synchronized Data Monitors allow the selection of four power levels, allowing you to select the suction level that is right for you. The monitors signal the appropriate moment to change the bag or empty the canister, and even indicate when mechanical maintenance is recommended. All this information is available on the LCD monitor at the front of the central vacuum unit, and simultaneously on the hose handle, right at your fingertips!




Available in the following Low Voltage Packages;

De Luxe Low Volt

Super Luxe




Available in the following Electric Packages;

De Luxe

Super Luxe

EBK360 Powerhead Package

Sebo POwerhead Package

EBK280 Powerhead Package


This technology can only be used with the following series of units; GX – DL – HX.