Imagine a vacuum cleaner that is easy to use, highly efficient and almost silent; one that you don’t have to carry upstairs; won’t bump into the furniture or walls, get stuck in corners and that expels its exhaust air outdoors or quietly indoors with the HEPA exhaust muffler. It does exist – the Nilfisk central vacuum cleaner.

Nilfisk was founded in Denmark in 1906 and has been producing vacuums since 1909. Nilfisk-Advance is a modern, innovative company with sales of $700 Million and 4700 employees worldwide. Nilfisk is the world’s largest supplier of professional cleaning equipment with factories in Denmark, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Mexico, China and the United States. Nilfisk central vacuums are designed, engineered and tested in Denmark and produced in Hungary with quality parts from across the European Union.

nilfisk diagram